High Quality 6.6 FT MTB Steel Wire Rope Use For Brake Cable

Wire Rope
1*7 means that the wire rope has 1 strand, and there are 7 filaments in each strand, and the wire rope is processed from 7 wires
1*19 means that there are 1 strands of wire rope, and each strand contains 19 thin wires, and the wire rope is processed from 19 wires
7*7 means that the wire rope has 7 strands, each strand has 7 thin wires, and the wire rope is processed from 49 wires
7*19 means that there are 7 strand

MTB Steel Wire Rope Use For Brake Cable

Galvanized steel wire rope is a durable and versatile cable made from high-strength steel wire strands coated with a layer of zinc. This galvanization process provides the wire rope with excellent corrosion resistance, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, especially in challenging environments.

Key Features:

Corrosion Resistance: The zinc coating on the wire rope enhances its resistance to corrosion, making it ideal for outdoor and marine applications where exposure to moisture and saltwater is common.

High Strength: Galvanized steel wire rope is known for its high tensile strength, making it capable of handling heavy loads and providing reliable performance in demanding situations.

Durability: The combination of steel core and galvanized outer layer ensures long-lasting durability, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Flexibility: Despite its strength, galvanized steel wire rope remains flexible, allowing it to be easily coiled, bent, and maneuvered for various applications.

Versatility: This wire rope finds utility in a wide range of industries, including construction, mining, agriculture, marine, and more. It's commonly used for lifting, rigging, towing, and securing loads.

Various Sizes and Configurations: Galvanized steel wire rope is available in a range of diameters and configurations to suit different applications. Common configurations include 6x19, 7x19, and 6x37, each with specific characteristics for particular tasks.


Lifting and Rigging: Galvanized steel wire rope is frequently used in cranes, hoists, and lifting equipment for its strength and durability.

Marine and Boating: Its corrosion resistance makes it a popular choice for marine applications, including boat rigging, anchor lines, and dock installations.

Construction: In construction sites, it's used for tasks like tower crane operations, securing loads, and supporting structures.

Agriculture: Galvanized wire rope is utilized in farming equipment, winches, and fencing.

Mining: The wire rope withstands the harsh conditions of mining operations and is used for hauling materials and equipment.

Utilities: In utility and electrical work, it's employed for overhead line installation and maintenance.

Transportation: Galvanized steel wire rope is used for towing and securing cargo on trucks and trailers.

Safety Precautions:

Regular Inspection: Inspect the wire rope for signs of wear, damage, or corrosion, and replace it if necessary to ensure safe operation.

Proper Lubrication: Lubricate the wire rope regularly to reduce friction and prevent premature wear.

Weight Limits: Always adhere to weight capacity limits specified for the particular wire rope diameter and configuration.

Handling: Exercise caution when handling wire rope to prevent injury from sharp edges or heavy loads.

Installation: Ensure proper installation and termination techniques to maintain the wire rope's integrity.

Note: The specifications and applications of galvanized steel wire rope may vary depending on the manufacturer and product grade. 

It's essential to refer to the manufacturer's documentation and guidelines for specific details and recommendations.

MTB Steel Wire Rope Use For Brake Cable Images


6.6ft Bike Brake Cables.jpgBike Bicycle Front Rear Brake Cable.jpg

MTB Steel Wire Rope Use For Brake Cable Parameters

Product nameHot-dip galvanized steel wire rope
Steel Grade45#/55#/60#/70# Carbon Steel
StandardAISI, ASTM, DIN, GB, JIS,etc.    
Alloy Or NotNon-Alloy
Process Drawing, Stranding, Closing
Grade45#/50#/60#/70# Carbon Steel
PackingWooden Reel/coil/roll/Z2 Packing
SurfaceHot-dip galvanizing
HS CODE731210000
Construction1x7,7x7(6x7+FC, 6x7+IWS,6x7+IWRC), 1x19,7x19(6x19+FC,6x19+IWS,6x19+IWRC), 19x7,etc.

1. disposable lock for logistics, electricity, container,railway,customs, fishery, transportation, etc.

2. Low pressure liquid,water, gas, oil, line pipe. 

3. For both indoor and outdoor the building construction. 

4. Widely used in scaffolding construction 

5. Guy wire for Agricultural greenhouses, netting. 

6. Overhead ground wire strand for power transmission lines. 

7. Messenger strand for telephone and CATV lines. 

8. Guy strand for power distribution poles, telephone poles and microwave and radio towers.

9. Wind bracing in pre-engineered buildings.

10. Barrier cable and guard rail strand. 

11. Fence, greenhouse, door pipe,green house.

Cycling Wires For Road MTB Bikes.jpg9.84 ft Bike Wires.jpgStainless Standard Road Brake Cable.jpg

MTB Steel Wire Rope Use For Brake Cable Introduction

Founded in 1996, our establishment stands as a testament to time. Within the realm of stainless steel wire ropes and riggings, our factory has positioned itself as a stalwart player, hailing from the vast expanse of China.

Undoubtedly, innovation has remained our bedrock, solidifying our position as a beacon within the industry. Our focus rests unwaveringly upon both technological and managerial innovation, aligning with our status as a trailblazer. With a substantial investment of millions of RMB in 2008, we birthed a modern hub for steel wire rope production. This endeavor also bore fruits in the form of the Jiangsu Province Technical Engineering Center, the Jiangsu Province Stainless Steel Rope Institute of Technology, the Taizhou Enterprise Technology Center, and the forthcoming Jiangsu Province Enterprise Technology Center.


Our Team For MTB Steel Wire Rope Use For Brake Cable:

Customer Feedback About MTB Steel Wire Rope Use For Brake Cable

1.Most of customers are satisfied with our price and quality, all of them think it is not easy to find a professional manufacture for the Custom PVC Stainless Wire Rope who can supply it at a competitive price.

2.  All customer of us are satisfied with our lead time for the sampling order and the bulk order, we can work out samples in 5 days, jand it will take 10 days if the bulk order quantity is less than100000meter.

3. Our customers speak high of us about the professional service in wire rope, they think it is very easy to discuss with our sales about their request.

4. Our customer trust us a lot, because our sales service is pretty good, they can provide all kind of help when discussing the order.

5. All customers say that they would like to build an on-going business relationship with us because we are a professional factory for the PVC Stainless and Steel Wire Rope.

Frenquently Asked Questions MTB Steel Wire Rope Use For Brake Cable

1.Question : How long will it take for the sampling order?

   Answer:     Generally speaking, our sampling time is 3 days.

2.Question : If I am not satisfied with the samples, what should I do?

   Answer :    If the samples are not good as you expected, you can ask us to refund the sampling cost or to allow us to improve the samples until you feel good to them.

3.Question : How long will it take for the bulk order, and which kind of payment do you support?

   Answer :   In fact, we can complete within about 10-15 days, we can accept Bank transfer, paypal etc.

4.Question: What is the MOQ?

   Answer:   200 meter per size

5.Question: How to receive the goods?

   Answer:  With our professional transport agents, we are capable of delivery products to most ports all over the world.  

                  Door-to-door service is also supported.   FOB, CIF are most commonly used trade terms.


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